MORA Update 9-17-2020



Sorry this is coming out so late on a Thursday evening. The week went by so fast and I found myself a bit behind. I’m sure some of you might feel the same way?  A few updates….

Celebrating National DSP Week – with cards, donuts, praises on Facebook – we are proud of our staff who care closely for people each and every day. Especially through a pandemic. None of us could have every predicted how our jobs and our lives would shift. The rapid changes COVID introduced have slowed down, however the stress has not let up. Many people within MORA are working hard to help us find the thoughtful balance among vigilant new practices and still finding ways to smile, feel connected, visit and share a little joy.

So, please, please, please, continue to raise your hand if you are struggling or overwhelmed. No, we cannot fix everything. We do not have the power to change the world around us. But we can support each other and change a small part of our own worlds.

There are 2 links below – a very special story to wrap up our “first annual” art contest and a reminder for all of us to get our flu shots!


Artist_Within_ MORA_Story_Sept2020

Thankful for you this Thursday,