MORA Daily Update 10/01/2020


Today, we are letting you know…. a residential client in one of our Homes has tested positive for COVID.  All affected staff, clients, and guardians have been contacted.

This is a moment we need to pause and acknowledge how incredible it is for MORA to have not had a case of COVID for a residential client within the first 7 months of this global pandemic. This is directly a result of the diligence of our staff in our Homes – DSPs, Nurses, PCs – and all of those who support them.   Thank you ALL for doing your best in keeping everyone we employ and support safe.

As time goes on and all of us try to find a balance of safety from COVID and social well-being, our daily decisions directly affect the freedoms we can enjoy – or not. Wear masks at all times. Raise your hand if you need help. Contact HR if you feel sick.  Social Distance. Thank you for your continued vigilance.

Required training for all Employees and volunteers:

Please complete MORA Sexual Violence Training. For help logging in on CDS, please contact Jessica Strayer – 

Work-Life Balance: Parent Edition – open to all staff!
We listened to your stress. See document below to learn more about a new session to support MORA staff with children and teenagers in school.
Sign up:

Flyer Work Life Balance Parent Edition

Gifts are coming…

Watch the mailbox at your home or apartment for a special note from the MORA Board and an order form to select an appreciation gift. Thank you to Board members, Sue Durkin and Beth Psihos for announcing these gifts in the Zoom this week!

Be well,

Tracy Murphy