MORA Update 11-5-2020

Hello gorgeous Thursday!! What an incredible, bonus last week of summer we are getting in Minnesota, please enjoy every minute of it, both for your physical but also mental health.

And ….. It is a big week in our country – and another big week for all of us within our work here at MORA. Today we signed a commitment along with nonprofits across Minnesota to trust in our democracy as election results finalize. I am sure it’s causing anxiety, please remember to breath.  As an organization our focus remains serving our clients and taking care of each other in the process.

First, a celebration.
Our Program Coordinators met on Tuesday for a 3-hour training and connective Zoom session. This incredibly hard-working group have each been managing their client groups in a more extensive way that ever before since COVID began – and honestly, too busy to get together to problem solve and refresh support for each other. This session ended with many requests to DO THIS MORE OFTEN – I’m calling this a success. (That you Jessica Strayer and PC Training Committee!!!)

COVID is close all the time now. Please put your mask on.
This past week we shared our first positive COVID notification for MORA offices. If you were not contacted by phone, you were not directly exposed. We need to share honestly with anyone we have been near and with MORA Human Resources if:

  • You know you have been exposed
  • You have symptoms
  • You are being tested  (going in or waiting for results)
  • You are confirmed positive with COVID

HR will help you determine if you are eligible for paid time off.  MORA is currently allowing PPL balances go negative if staff are impacted by COVID.
Human Resources, Stacy Richards 952-767-4831, )

Updates for MORA Board meeting:
We have a Board meeting on 11/12 and thought we’d give a preview & reassurance on how we are doing …


  • MCCP, Case Management and Residential Homes (both ICF and SLS) are close to projected target for revenue.
  • ADS, In-Home, respite and Recreation programs are bringing in less than projected/predicted or operating at a loss. However, this was to be expected with their closings/changes during COVID.  The Board is very supportive that these services offer valuable service to our mission and community.

Note: one of our Strategic Goals is Aligning our Priorities – one main tenant of this is…we do not worry about individual program revenue at any specific point in time. We want to make sure that OVERALL our programs support each other and balance each other out when it comes to both revenue and expense throughout the year. And…that IS happening!!

Overtime: holding at 11%, same as 2019. However $ are up since we have more hours on the schedule. This is expected.

Open positions: range between 40-45 vs. 60+ in 2019.YEAH!!

YTD COVID-19 Facts:

  • 7 confirmed Residential & In Home client cases (across 3 MORA homes)- all have recovered
  • 16 MCCP clients have tested positive (8 crisis homes, 8 Technical Assistance referrals) – all have recovered
  • 31 Case Management clients have tested positive with 10 deaths
  • 15 homes impacted with COVID Response team/quarantine protocols activated
  • 69 staff have been tested, 51 were negative and 18 tested positive for COVID -all have recovered

Support for MORA staff with children/teens in school:
Many metro schools are moving from hybrid or in-person to distance learning due to high COVID numbers. This can be frustrating and stressful for parents and learners. Please join in staff support sessions. Open to all staff, hourly and salaried.

RESCHEDULE: Next Wednesday, Nov. 11 from 3 – 3:30pm on Zoom

Contact Training Specialist, Jessica Strayer  612-214-9789

Give to the Max:
Please share the opportunity to donate to MORA and our mission in your social media networks. We want to expand the # of people that follow us on social media and find NEW people who love and support our mission. THANK YOU!

​Well, thank you for making it this far into the email:) I appreciate the attention, commitment and care you give to everyone at MORA.