MORA Update 11-13-2020

Winter has arrived and while the snow may be beautiful it means icier roads and the need to slow down. This past year has forced us to move painfully fast, can we support each other to find some calming ways to slow down?

COVID and new executive order from Governor Walz

Over 100 employees tuned into our Monday Zoom and listened to the recording this week. We are still not reaching all of our nearly 500 employees. Crucial COVID messages are speeding up again. Please create the time each shift to tune in to these updates.

Whether you directly care for clients or work remotely, ALL of us need to take stock of our behaviors – at work and in our personal lives. Not only wearing masks but very specifically how we socialize with family and friends.  If our behavior is silently spreading this virus then we are contributing to the lightning fast spread of COVID within our communities.

NOTIFICATION: This week we have 2 new confirmations that Mount Olivet Rolling Acres employees from 2 different Homes have tested positive for COVID-19. If you were not contacted directly by phone from Human Resources, you were not directly exposed.  Screening logs for each office/Home are consulted within 14 days of shift or visit overlaps.

If we all communicate well with each other, we can continue to take good care of staff and clients.

Report Symptoms: Please remember to contact Stacy Richards in Human Resources (952-767-4831) when:

  1. You, staff, have possible symptoms of COVID-19
  2. You, staff, have been in contact with anyone (client, friend, household member) who has a confirmed positive test for COVID-19.

Human Resources needs to stay informed of all numbers of possibly ill staff or staff that may need to quarantine potentially affecting ability to work.

New Resilience Building sessions for staff (and the people we support)
Tuesday, Nov. 17 – at 10am, 2pm and 7pm — we are beginning a new series of staff support sessions. See flyer below for more details.


One more Work/Life Balance: parents & school
Schedule change for the last staff support session around a tough school year,
Thursday, Nov. 19 from 2:00 – 2:30pm on Zoom

Like your co-workers in celebrating our Apprentice Program

The more tablets and speakers we can buy, the more we can do virtual yoga, music, storytime, dances…
Give to the Max Minnesota. Share with your friends and family. Donation is online, secure and easy. Now through November 19!

On behalf of President, Tracy Murphy – be so much more than well.