MORA Update 12-30-2020


Warm winter greetings. While many challenges will remain, changing the calendars to a new year will still feel really good this week!

A very short update today with several attachments.

Simple reminders:

COVID Vaccine Clinics at MORA:
See PDF below with first information about MORA’s COVID Vaccine clinics and find up-to-date information on our Sharepoint homepage.


COVID UPDATES: Several Homes under COVID precautions. If you were not contacted directly by phone from Human Resources, you were not directly exposed.

Residential social visit guidelines below for SLS/ICF Homes.


#MORAWarmUpMyWinter   Donations are already coming in! Please like & love on social media and share with your friends, families, and groups! 

One new thing…

Tuesday, Jan. 5 at 10am: virtual Resilience Building staff support session. (Flyer below)  A great way to start off 2021.

Resilience Building flyer January 2021

Thank you all for your efforts, time and commitment.

Excited to have 2020 hindsight (get it? ?)