MORA Update 1-7-2021


I have spent the last 24 hours wondering how to best respond to the truly historic events in our nation yesterday.

On one hand, I need to acknowledge the frightening and tragic events in Washington, D.C. and around the country. When our energy and patience for cultural progress feels depleted, these events can push us beyond overwhelm into despair. Yesterday was a hard day for me, as a proud American who is hopeful and actively working towards equality and inclusion of all people.

On the other hand … I was joyous about the Georgia Senate race. Regardless of outcome,  people made their voices heard in record numbers and we have (again) made history with the 1st Black and 1st Jewish Senators to represent Georgia. THIS is progress, regardless of political affiliation or party.

Please remember that we are here for each other.  Yesterday’s events are an opportunity to think about what is important, even if it’s just for today. Sometimes that is reaching out. Sometimes that is reflection. Sometimes that is action. Sometimes that is rest.  See below for offerings that might help.

This e-newsletter is full of positives within MORA – yes, even as we still battle COVID….

Starting 2021 with good news…

Good news #1: Donations for “Warm Up my Winter” are beginning to arrive – funds will go toward supplies and activities for ADS, In-Home, Recreation, and our Residential Homes. Thank you to those of you who have shared on social media!  Facebook and Instagram

In our Strategic Plan we are focused on “Investing in the Employee Experience” and the Board recently approved budget for two different holiday/pay benefits for staff. Leading to…..

Good news #2: All employees who are currently eligible for PPL will receive 8 hours of additional PPL at the beginning of each quarter in 2021.  (Jan. 1, April 1, July 1, Oct. 1)  These “Quarterly Floating Holidays” are different from regular PPL as they need to be used by end of each calendar year and not eligible for cash out if an employee leaves position.

Why are we adding quarterly floating holidays?  Because MORA provides services 365 days per year and does not offer standard holidays as many other organizations and companies do. These new Quarterly Floating Holidays allow staff a flexible way to choose days or holidays important to them. It could be your birthday, 4th of July, Eid, Christmas, Yom Kipper or any other day that is important to you. Please direct any questions to \

Good news #3: All hourly employees will be eligible to earn a $5 “differential” hourly rate on 4 different hard-to-staff time periods throughout 2021. MORA has historically offered this hourly differential rate on Dec. 24 and 25. Three additional periods are being identified based on past data of difficult days to schedule staff coverage. Look for an announcement of specifics at the end of January!

COVID Updates:
A little bit of heartening news in Governor Walz’s conference that our precautions and vigilance against COVID will allow Minnesota to ease restrictions on a few things – restaurants and other businesses. Sigh. Keep your masks on, stay vigilant and we will update any social visit guidelines to our Residential Homes when allowed.

Sharing new information prior to COVID vaccine clinics. We do not have dates yet. Continue to educate yourself and direct any questions to your primary medical provider. Info below:

Please print and post the below “Vaccine_Poster_All_of_our_Tools.pdf” in all MORA offices and Homes. With a vaccine in circulation we need to keep up all of our safety protocols!!!

Resilience Building staff support session with Joe Fuemmeler, MCCP

Wednesday, January 13  from 7:00 – 7:30 pm These are a great way to reset your mindset and refresh your soul.

Webinar: Contagious Culture. Contagious YOU. Your presence is your impact.
Your success and influence as a professional depends upon your ability to relate to others, to create impact with your clients and team, and in being an inspiring authentic human to be with.

Thursday, January 21 from 11:30 am – 12:30 pm
These live, virtural Convene webinars are open to all MORA staff and earn 1.0 CEU.
Click to sign-up and receive the links:

5-minute trainings on diversity & inclusion, leadership, self-care…

As a benefit for all staff, MORA subscribes to Convene’s mini-trainings. Pre-recorded, on your own time. Click below for a list of topics for 2021. All you need is to select “Mount Olivet Rolling Acres” as your organization.

3 free counseling sessions available for all staff
Our Employee Assistance Plan (EAP) is available to all full-time and part-time MORA employees regardless of whether they receive health benefits through MORA/Health Partners. Operated by Sand Creek and can help with a variety of life struggles, mental health concerns, work/life resources, medical advocacy, counseling support and much more.  1-888-243-5744,, Code is “mount”. These are completely confidential.

Contact: Donna Benecke, 952-767-4832 Ext. 3630, or Stacy Richards, 952-767-4831

Be good to yourselves.