Team of the Month – May

Terry, Tracy, Tito & Pam


The team of excellent staff that work at the Richfield house is very diverse. It consists of young and older people and people who have been here a long time as well as a group who have recently started in this field and have pledged to do their best to help those in need. The team is led by the Program Coordinator, Tito Dawis, who has been with MORA for many years and actually helped open this program for children back in 1994. He is an excellent role model for all staff and a kind and patient paternal presence for the children. Our Med specialist and DSP III is Pamela Holder. She has also been with the company for several years and has worked in this children’s program for close to 20 years. She is the maternal presence that pulls all of us together. DSP Arielle Cain and Abu Kamara and DSPII Sam Subah round out the team that have FT roles at the program and help to keep the children safe, secure and looking the best they can. We also have on-call staff, Amieka Evans and Megan Bartholomew who help to fill in the gaps when needed. Both of them have been with us for 10-15 years and do great work also.

These fine, professional people have helped 370 children over the years who have needed a safe and consistent environment where they could thrive and grow. With all this expertise from this strong staff we were able to protect and prepare these children for life’s lessons and for planning a new way of life. It is my deepest honor to have worked with these wonderful people and many others throughout the years as we together made life better for our little ones in our community.
-Terry Benson