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Mission Statement

Our Mission

We enhance personal growth for people with disabilities by offering unique services supported by a caring, dedicated and knowledgeable team.

Our Vision

We drive standards for community-based disability services throughout the upper Midwest.

Our Core Values


The infinite worth of people: We affirm that all residents, parents, staff, donors, and volunteers

share a common dignity and shall be accorded respect.

Excellence in service: The entire Mount Olivet Rolling Acres family has the right to expect commitment to quality by all staff as reflected in ethical decisions, compassion, professionalism,

and performance.

Stewardship: We embrace the importance of being good stewards with every resource available to us.

Interdependence: Every person and organization is interdependent with others in our community

 and beyond.

Renewal: Energizing and renewing our organization and each other on a daily basis is needed to meet the changing needs of the residents.



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