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“We have great respect, admiration, and affection for the entire Rolling Acres staff. Our son Christopher is cared for daily by a very dedicated group who really know Christopher and his needs. We have also witnessed the skill of Rolling Acres staff in charge of the programs and planning so necessary to the growth and funding of  Rolling Acres.  Finally, the executive staff,  including the Mount Olivet pastors,  reflect a commitment to this ministry that gives us as parents great assurance that Christopher will be well cared for throughout his life. We are so thankful to Mount Olivet for providing a loving, caring environment for our special son, and for all Rolling Acres residents.”
– Jim and Judy Strommen

“As  parents, we’re always looking for the best in life for our son. Finding a home, and an organization  that embraces  that same desire,  was found in the philosophies  and actions at Mt. Olivet Rolling Acres.  We feel very blessed by our sons involvement with the home and the organization.”
– Arvid and Aggie Sornberger


“My son Jamie has been at Mount Olivet Rolling Acres since he was 12 years old. He is now nearly 45. When Jamie’s dad and I began looking for residential placement for our son we knew we wanted to find a home that would be safe and secure. We wished we could find a place that would help him grow and develop at his own pace and in his own way. We dreamed that we would find a place that would understand that, in spite of his severe developmental delays and often extreme behavior issues, he had a great sense of humor and a loving personality. We made one of the hardest decisions a parent ever has to make when we decided that we could no longer care for Jamie at home. The decision to place Jamie at Rolling Acres is without a doubt  the best decision we ever made for Jamie and for our family. Rolling Acres is Jamie’s home. He is safe and secure. He is always treated with respect and dignity. He has staff that has known him for years and who understand his unique personality.  Our family has always felt welcome and encouraged to be active and involved in Jamie’s life.  And, most important, Jamie is deeply loved by his care givers and others at Rolling Acres. We will be forever grateful to Rolling Acres for giving our son a life that has been full and rich and filled with warmth and love.”

– Kitty Westin