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Rod and Donna Haberle


Tell us about your home and your family:
We are a married couple with two adult children who have a passion for service and helping. We have a very relaxed home, located in a quiet neighborhood in Zimmerman. We offer a supportive environment for people of all abilities, which encourages growth and builds on strengths.

Tell us about your home’s physical environment: Our home is split level. Two bedrooms are located on the upper level and one bedroom is located on the lower level. The lower level is a walkout basement. The kitchen is located on the upper level. The home is not set up to accommodate wheelchairs and is not handicap accessible. The home is located on 2.5 acres approximately 40 minutes north of the Twin Cities.

Why have you chosen to do shared living? 
We started fostering youth three years ago with the intentions to help families. We have a large home with lots of love and patience. We are now looking forward to helping adults and look forward to expanding our family.

What tradition(s) does your family have?
We celebrate traditional holidays, love to celebrate birthdays, attend weekly religious services, and enjoy taking family day trips.

What are your family values and what is important to you?
Faith, treating people kindly, consistency, spending time in nature, visiting with family and friends, and taking care of our health. We are active in our church and attending services regularly is something that’s very important to us.


Aspen Heights Shared Living Program

What are your hobbies and interests?
Exercising, hiking, games, movies, reading, enjoying the great outdoors, sightseeing, visiting museums, learning about art and culture, cooking, and visiting parks.

What does a typical day in your home look like?
We are early risers and have a regular work schedule during the workweek. We take time to exercise, make meals, take care of daily chores, and to spend time talking with each other. Weekends are rather open and flexible; we may visit friends/family, go to a park to hike, or spend time working in the yard