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January 7, 2021  //  Nikki Storebo

MORA Update 1-7-2021

Friends… I have spent the last 24 hours wondering how to best respond to the truly historic events in our nation yesterday. On one hand, I need to acknowledge the frightening and tragic events in Washington, D.C. and around the country. When our energy and patience for cultural progress feels depleted, these events can push …

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December 29, 2020  //  Nikki Storebo

2021 Competitive Workforce Factor Notices

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December 11, 2020  //  Nikki Storebo

MORA Update 12-10-2020

Hello, wonderful MORA staffers. Several attachments you’re going to want to see, read, absorb and embrace with this e-newsletter. ? Could you send one email a day to help MORA win $15,000? Our bank, Old National, is donating to Minnesota nonprofits and MORA could win $15,000. Vote –you can vote once a day, EVERY DAY, …

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November 17, 2020  //  Nikki Storebo

Human Resources Notices

MORA_Annual Enrollment Notices_20210101 MORA_Initial Enrollment Notices_20210101 MORA_Upon Hire Notices_20210101

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November 13, 2020  //  Nikki Storebo

MORA Update 11-13-2020

Winter has arrived and while the snow may be beautiful it means icier roads and the need to slow down. This past year has forced us to move painfully fast, can we support each other to find some calming ways to slow down? COVID and new executive order from Governor Walz Over 100 employees tuned …

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November 5, 2020  //  Nikki Storebo

MORA Update 11-5-2020

Hello gorgeous Thursday!! What an incredible, bonus last week of summer we are getting in Minnesota, please enjoy every minute of it, both for your physical but also mental health. And ….. It is a big week in our country – and another big week for all of us within our work here at MORA. Today …

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October 29, 2020  //  Nikki Storebo

MORA Update 10-29-2020

Happy Thursday!!  Sorry to be sending this so late but…what a great day!! What do the wise people say? That we need to see something 7 times before we remember it?  Please read the PDF below about sharing symptoms, testing, and positive diagnoses with Human Resources as soon as you know. We can only help if …

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October 28, 2020  //  Nikki Storebo

2020 Fall Homes with Heart Newsletter

MORA Homes with Heart Fall 2020 Final

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October 22, 2020  //  Nikki Storebo

MORA Update 10-22-2020

What a dreary Thursday!  And, the snow was definitely a surprise. This week was both a very challenging week as well as an inspiring week for us at MORA. We currently have several Homes with positive COVID cases among residents and our COVID Response Team is stretched thin.  Thank you to EVERYONE that is helping …

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October 9, 2020  //  Nikki Storebo

MORA Update 10-8-2020

I hope you are all enjoying this glorious fall day! Updates for this week … Please check out the PDF below for information on voting! ELECTION_VOTING_MORA We need to talk about COVID. Remember …it is EXTREMELY important that each of us comes forward and shares when we or someone we know has been exposed, is …

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