COVID-19 Daily Email Update 3/25/2020


Today,  March 25, 2020 at 2pm, Minnesota Governor Walz announced “Stay Home Minnesota” from March 27 – April 10.  Read more from Minnesota Department of Health:

Good news: We at Mount Olivet Rolling Acres have already been preparing for this time. The actions MORA has taken over the last several weeks already fit within Stay at Home directives. We may have further changes we need to make as this develops but we feel prepared (for once) since we first learned the word “coronavirus” –in fact, we are even a little bit ahead.

Great news: More people staying home will mean even more people stopping the spread of COVID-19.  Minnesotans have been doing a great job of this so far and I’m so grateful that your neighbors and friends will continue to keep us all safe.

REMEMBER!  All MORA employees qualify as essential healthcare workers and have been given documentation should they need it to travel to and from work.

The work we do is considered essential and will go on with support from all of us and protections from the state.

THANK YOU for all you do,