COVID-19 Daily Email Update 3/31/2020


We are into the first week of Stay Home Minnesota and I am heartened by what I am seeing and feeling around Mount Olivet Rolling Acres. You seem to be hitting a positive and supportive stride amidst the crisis. There are many new procedures and some very “new normals” but we seem to be settling into place.

Supporting MORA’s Health – mentally and physically ….


Our advocacy with legislators is paying off. With several emergency  and stimulus bills at the Federal and State level, we have more stability to support staff and more flexibility to support clients. Be informed and engaged: and

Stay tuned for something new: Small-Group Peer Connection

Open to all employees and all virtual via phone or video. Watch COVID-19 email updates and the MWF Zoom COVID-19 Check-ins for sign-up details soon…

Topics such as:

  • stress awareness
  • crisis communication skills
  • work/life balance
  • guided meditations or yoga
  • book and recipe shares…

Anyone can follow our reinvigorating Facebook page for a sense of community; Recreation programming and a few special live events. More contributors welcomed!
Send photos and post suggestions to Social Media

Gym is a safe, clean space and open for fun!
Both the Victoria campus gym space and a small computer lab are currently open. Every morning, after every group and at the end of the day we clean all areas. Practicing social distancing we are only able to host one Home at a time.  Contact Nate McKenzie or Stephanie Kohl with questions and to schedule.

Self-Care Resource for DSPs from the National Alliance for Direct Support Professionals (NADSP):

Talking about COVID-19 to people with intellectual disabilities:
There’s a lot to read out there. So, we’ll only pass on the truly helpful.

Keep tuning in for the Zoom COVID-19 Check-ins. We’ll get the microphones figured out eventually!

Post those hearts on your windows and continue to support each other!