COVID-19 Daily Email Update – 4/30/2020



Feeling full of admiration and gratitude for all of you rising to the occasion right now. In particular, I want to thank the new COVID Response Team that is being formed at MORA. This week we began to identify a group of residential staff – DSPs, Nursing, PC’s, Residential Supervisors – who will complete extra training to be the first on-site when we have a confirmed case of COVID-19.  To be clear, it’s a good day, we do not have any confirmed cases of COVID-19 at MORA. This team is a proactive measure.


Keeping up on Minnesota News:
This past week we met with several State legislators and are paying close attention to instructions from the State of Minnesota and the Minnesota Department of Health. Confirmed cases of COVID-19 are still rising within Minnesota and we understand the vulnerability of many of our clients and Homes. In fact, we will continue increasing cautious procedures throughout MORA.   Please note, the executive order was extended to Monday May 18, 2020.  We expect all employees to continue to follow social distancing and healthy hygiene practices during and outside of work.

Face mask and Cross Contamination module takes between 7-10 minutes. This is important and required. See instructions on CDS.


Today: Meditation  (Thursday, April 30 at 4pm – that’s 10 min’s from now!!)

Decrease stress, lower blood pressure, and increase feelings of happiness. Join in via video or phone for a Zoom Guided Meditation. No experience needed!

Look for the special invitation in email or contact Training Specialist, Jessica Strayer

Tomorrow: Work-Life Balance (Friday, May 1 at 12pm)  Join in to learn easy and quick ways to find a balance between it all while taking care of your mental, physical and emotional well-being. Each week will focus on 3-5 different life application items that you can easily apply. All sessions’ virtual and details will be emailed prior. Schedule:

Next week: Communication under Stress: In tough times, the need for clear communication gets higher – and our time for communication gets lower. Each mini-session will introduce 1 skill to use in the middle of stressful moments to keep us understanding and cooperating. Schedule:

Happy Thursday and the last day of April! Excited to move into May!!