#DDAwareness18 – Brenden Pond House, Mallory, Jessica, Amy Jo, Susie

Yesterday, Christina had the privilege of hanging out with the ladies from our Brenden Pond house and being able to see their nightly routine.

First, they made their lunches for the next day. They did chicken wraps with carrots and their choice of fruit and choice of snack. After, Mallory got ready for yoga, Jessica did her nightly Wii Fit exercise where Mallory later joined. Mallory also made a list (she likes to keep busy) of the things she needed from the store. All the while Christina distracted her by asking about the items on her list. Amy Jo played cards and Christina and Susie chatted while Elaine prepared dinner for the night. They had chicken thighs and mashed sweet potatoes (MMMMM) After dinner they made their way to yoga for the night!

Christina has decided that she will be joining the ladies for breakfast and dinner at least once a week!