DSP of the Month – Doreen Johnson

When Doreen is working the house is buzzing.  From listening to music, reading magazines, playing hide and seek or looking up trivia on line, the guys are engaged.  Doreen strives to get all the men out on preferred activities daily.

Doreen approaches daily living routines and grooming with a smile, silly songs and rhyming.  Telling jokes and singing are always great ways to get PJs on or teeth brushed at Applewood,

Families are very involved at Applewood and Doreen always goes the extra mile to be sure the parents know when and where every appointment is and is a pleasant companion if they choose to attend.  All the families at Applewood trust and appreciate Doreen and enjoy seeing her whenever they can

Doreen will do all she can to help the men at Applewood achieve their dreams.  Recently, when a team member called in, she came in on her day off to take a gentleman on an outing.   The client was so excited about his Dave and Buster outing he had it planned for quite some time.    A client that wants to go on a one-night vacation to Owatonna got his wish due to Doreen.  He is currently working on a trip to Las Vegas with Doreen.

When another hears Doreen is coming in to work he always gets a big smile on his face and shouts, “Doreen, I Lub Her !“

Doreen does an excellent job making and taking the guys on medical appointments, and then goes the extra mile to make the appointment fun and less stressful for the guys.  A cup of decaf at a favorite coffee shop or lunch at Denny’s is often scheduled around appointments with Doreen.

Doreen is like the energizer bunny while working her shifts.  She balances playing games, meal times, outings, and laundry, with a positive attitude and respecting clients wants.

Doreen is the first to step up and adjust her schedule to meet the needs of the Applewood men whenever she can and that is greatly appreciated.

As a lead in the home Doreen leads by example and helps her team mates whenever she can.