DSP of the Month: Sandy Lapinski

Here is our DSP of the Month, Sandy Lapinski of our Chanhassen house!

The Chanhassen home has undergone many challenges and hardship over the past few months. Sandy’s optimistic and positive demeanor has been a breath of fresh air for the home especially given the circumstances. Sandy has a very calming present, and this has allowed for the home to have some must needed support and stability. She is a very reliable employee you can always count on her to be there with her best foot forward and wearing a smile.

Sandy works the overnight shift, so she does not have the opportunities for a ton of face to face interaction however her impact is well felt at the home. She keeps the home clean and tight but will go the extra mile to make sure to look and plan- ahead for the following day. It’s not uncommon to she her preparing meals for the next day or setting up necessary items to make sure that the day begins with a positive note. She keeps the best interest of the clients in mind and her extra special touches have a lasting impact. She has a fantastic working knowledge of the likes and dislikes of the individuals which is important for the day to day success.

Sandy is a well-respected team member. We all know the saying team work makes the dream work, but she truly the epitome of a team player. She steps in when needed and will be there for the clients no matter what. Sandy goes above and beyond her typically job task each shift. She is consistently looking for ways to improve the lives of the clients, the home and the team. Sandy is the kind of person that has everyone’s best interest in mind and will put her needs last to make sure that others are happy. We are blessed to have her apart of this team. She brings so many positive assets that are well received. Thank you, Sandy, for be that important core team member.

Thank you Sandy for all that you have done for those we serve!