DSP of the Month – Kaylee Kemnitz

Whenever I get the opportunity to see Kaylee at work I see someone who truly embraces what it means to be a direct support professional. Kaylee’s bubble, fun, energetic personality is the perfect fit for the Brenden Pond home. These fours ladies have the busiest social calendar around and Kaylee makes sure they get to the outings and you can count on her to bring the person-centered approaches which then allows for these outings to be memorable. Kaylee makes the atmosphere very joyfully at the home, you will find her dancing and singing while ensuring the job is done. She understands the home, each client’s needs, wants and dreams and tries very hard to make it all happen.

Kaylee has recently come up with some outstanding goal idea’s. She suggested echo reading for one of the ladies and during the annual meeting the team was so excited. I am anxiously awaiting on seeing the progression of this goal. In addition, it is important to say that Kaylee will go the extra mile to make sure that all the formal and informal goals are completed but she also finds a way to make it enjoyable. Maybe it’s the smile or maybe it’s her patients or maybe it’s her character, nonetheless it is impressive to see her assist with the goals.

She will do anything to make sure the clients are happy, healthy and safe even if it means she is staying late, coming in early or working open hours. The years that Kaylee has been working at the home she has been able to build a trusting, caring, respectful and honest relationship with the clients. Not only is Kaylee doing what she can at the home, but she has also been stepping up with helping with MORA’s grassroot advocacy. She attended the day at the capitol to help spread the word about the field.

Overall the team at the Brenden Pond home has a great deal of respect for Kaylee and her work. She has been a leader when addressing the new computer system evolve. Kaylee provides excellent details on the lady’s routines, but her efforts have not stop there, she has provided support and training to her co-workers when learning a new computer system. When I can step back and look at the big picture we are truly lucky to have her as one of our team members. Kaylee brings such wonderful insight to the entire home. I am very honored to be able to work with a staff of her caliber and Brenden pond is very fortunate to have such an amazing team member.