Employee Recognition Brunch

We had our Employee Recognition Brunch on Wednesday, 1.10.2018. This is just a small token of our appreciation for all that our DSP’s do for those we serve.

We are recognizing our employees who have reached up to 40 years of employment!

Thank you for everything you do for MORA!

10 Years:

Brittany Burns, Brittany Daak, Sharon Johnson, Elaine Kruger, Michael Mbayo, Tom Ratkay & Pam Teubert

15 Years:

Neal Bond, Jason Ries, David Quam & Danielle Whelan

20 Years:

Christine Schmidt & Barbra Bosch

25 Years:

David Aadland, Brenda Junker, Albert Sepulveda, Skip Thorpe IV & Maude Wyffels

30 Years:

Beth Anderson

35 Years:

David Barsness

40 Years:

Kimberly Whelan & Doug Wood