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Fall Conference: It’s Not Just About Sex: Positive Identity Development and Relationships

November 21, 2019 @ 8:30 am - 4:30 pm

| $125

Positive Identity Development
This workshop will explore the critical developmental periods in the lives of people with intellectual disabilities. In particular, it will delve into the need for identity development and the ways in which that development can be supported. In addition, aspects of positive psychology will be reviewed and the happiness assessment will be introduced.

Supporting the Sexual Health of People with Developmental Disabilities
People with disabilities want friendships and relationships as much as anyone else. Unfortunately, there is a lack of appropriate education out there to support safe and healthy relationships. The rate of sexual assault is 7 times higher for individuals with disabilities than for those without. We can work together to lower that statistic by supporting the sexual health for this population through conversations, education, and awareness.
In this workshop we will:
• Explore why people with disabilities are more vulnerable to assault.
• Review the background on sexual education for people with disabilities.
• Discuss potential sexual education strategies.
• Learn how to recognize and respond to sensitive situations that may come up for the people we support (assault, abuse, etc.).
Learn how to respond to inappropriate sexual behaviors that may happen at work, on the bus, or in the community.

Ensuring the Rights Afforded to 245D Service Recipients
This presentation will discuss the service-related and protection-related rights that apply to people receiving 245D services and how license holders can provide person-centered services while maintaining compliance with applicable laws and rules. Everyday examples and common problems will be discussed to make it helpful for attendees.

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