#FacesOfAbilityFriday – Bobbi Z.

This week on #FacesOfAbilityFriday we are featuring Bobbi Z. Bobbi lives in one of MORA’s homes. We sat down with Bobbi and two of her staff, Sam and Maureen, to talk about her and all the fun things she’s doing.

Bobbi works at Rise in Brooklyn Park. Sam said that she’s no longer doing work at the center, but that the focus of her time there is now recreation. He said that Bobbi goes on outings at Rise and works on projects in the center with her peers.

According to Sam, Bobbi loves to spend her time at home relaxing in her recliner. She often watches TV or movies with her housemates, or spends time listening to music. She enjoys listening to jazz and classical music, and these two types of music are often on in the house. Sam and Maureen both agreed that Bobbi’s favorite thing to do is go out to eat. She loves burgers and fries, and often gets them from Slim’s or Culvers. She sometimes goes to Wagner’s Drive-In as well.

Sam and Maureen were unsure of where Bobbi would like to travel to, but they both agree that she likes busy places and places where she can do a lot of people watching, so finding a destination that would offer that would make her happy.

When asked what Bobbi does best, both Sam and Maureen agreed that she’s great at identifying things she likes and dislikes, and letting the people around her know. This is especially true at meal times. Bobbi will look at everything and study all the food closely. She will move foods around, select only the ones that she’s interested in, and leave the other ones separated off for staff to take.







If Sam could tell the community anything about Bobbi, he would want them to know that she loves to be as independent as possible, and that she will always try to do something on her own without assistance from anyone. Whether it’s getting dressed, eating, or walking, Bobbi likes to do things for herself if she can. Sam says that he doesn’t think Bobbi sees herself as someone with a disability, and that’s an amazing thing about her.


Quick facts about Bobbi:

Bobbi’s favorite foods are hamburgers and fries, and crunch foods like chips. She also loves when things like fries or fish sticks are cooked so they’re crunchy.
She doesn’t like to eat bananas or macaroni and cheese.
Her favorite holiday is Christmas. Bobbi loves to watch the lights and look at the decorations.
When it’s time to relax, Bobbi loves to sit in her recliner and watch TV or listen to music.
Bobbi enjoys listening to classical music and jazz.
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Written by Nikki Storebo