#FacesOfAbilityFriday – Brad K.

This week on #FacesOfAbilityFriday we’re showcasing Brad K. Brad lives in one of our residential homes. We talked with Brad’s sister, Brenda, his day program staff, Max, and a staff member from his house, to get some information on Brad and why he’s so amazing.

Brad currently works at MRCI. There, he works on packaging greeting cards, which are sent off to Trader Joes. He also does some volunteer work in his community, at Feed My Starving Children. When he’s there, Brad puts labels on bags that are used for food packing.

Brad grew up with his parents and siblings in Waconia. According to Brenda, their father was a firefighter for 30 years before he passed away, and he and Brad would visit the fire station together each week. While they were there, Brenda says Brad and his father would “eat popcorn and shake dice.” Brad’s love of all things firefighter related continues today, and you can often find him watching YouTube videos of firetrucks and other emergency responders.

Max, who helps Brad out at work, says that Brad “is a hard worker,” and that he “loves to wear hats” and that he loves “firetrucks and busses.” When we asked him what the thing Brad does best is, Max said, “He’s really good at building cards.” Max also says that Brad loves “fishing,” and his favorite part of the day is “getting on the bus.”

Brad’s residential staff tell us that he “loves going to Target and saying hi to everyone and blowing kisses.” According to his staff, Brad also “loves fire trucks, fishing, and basketball.” Brad knows where all the fire stations in the community are, which often impresses people. In addition to knowing their location, both Brenda and Brad’s staff agree that he loves to visit the fire stations.

Brad’s staff says the things he’s best at are “throwing, listening to people, and cheering people up.” This is evident through his interactions with people. No matter where Brad goes, he always brings a smile to the faces of the people he meets. Brad loves to wear hats, and bot his sister and staff agree that this is his favorite article of clothing. He’s also a big MN Timberwolves fan, and his staff say he loves to wear apparel that has the Timberwolves on it.


Quick facts about Brad:

His favorite holiday is Christmas. Brad loves to open gifts, and to watch his family, especially nieces and nephews, open gifts too!
When it’s time to relax, Brad likes to watch movies. He loves action films.
Brad loves potatoes and enjoys eating anything that has potatoes in it.
He loves polka music but has also been known to do a little hip-hop dancing occasionally.

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Written by Nikki Storebo