#FacesOfAbilityFriday – Donna B.

This week on #FacesOfAbilityFriday we’re showcasing Donna B.  Donna lives in her apartment in the community and receives in-home supports from MORA. Donna works at MRCI and says that she does “different things” there for work. She also told us that she volunteers regularly at Feed My Starving Children, where she likes to put labels on the food packing bags.

Donna grew up just outside of Cologne, MN, on a farm. There, she lived with her parents and brother. When asked about her hopes and dreams, Donna said that she wants to go places. She would like to travel to Florida someday.

Donna has a lot of things that she likes doing, but her favorite is to hang out with her staff Belinda and talk to people. She likes to listen to music, especially polka and waltz. Donna tells us that she always has music playing softly in her apartment on her cd player.

Donna likes to watch Wheel of Fortune. She also enjoys the weather segment on the news, because she likes to see what the temperature is. She loves to eat cheeseburgers, popcorn, ice cream, and fries, and doesn’t report having any least favorite foods.

If Donna could tell people in her community anything about herself, she’d want them to know that she loves walking, a lot of people in Waconia know her, and that she’s very kind and polite. If we were to ask her friends and family to tell us some awesome things about her, Donna thinks they’d say she’s a lot of fun, participates in Showstoppers Dance, and she tries hard to achieve her goals.

Donna loves Christmas. She also enjoys spring and summer, because she can do more walking during those seasons.


Quick facts about Donna:

When it’s time to relax, Donna likes to listen to CDs and work on puzzle books and word finds.
Her favorite part of the day is having snacks.
Her favorite articles of clothing are jeans, boots, and shoes.
Donna says what she does best is working and putting pieces together.
She is not shy at all and likes to joke.

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Written by Nikki Storebo