#FacesOfAbilityFriday – Gary J.

This week on #FacesOfAbilityFriday we’re featuring Gary J. Gary attends MORA’s Adult Day Services program. Gary retired a few years ago and decided that ADS was a good placement for him, as he enjoys doing recreational activities. We sat down and talked to Gary and his foster mom, Barb, about what makes him so great.

Gary does a wide variety of activities at ADS. He told me about a recent arts and crafts project he did, where his group made kites. In addition to projects like this, Gary goes to the library, Arboretum, computer lab, gym, and other places with ADS. He also plays table games, card games, and does Wii bowling.


In addition to going to ADS, Gary also volunteers on a regular basis. He is a regular at Feed My Starving Children and will be going to ARC Value Village in a few weeks to volunteer. According to Barb, Gary is “always trying to find opportunities and loves to help because he has a good heart.”

Gary grew up in Dallas, Texas. He lived with his mom for a while, and then moved in with his dad, who eventually brought him to Minnesota. He has two brothers.

Gary loves to Travel. He recently took a trip to Tennessee with some friends. While there, they went to Dollywood, where Gary was able to see concerts and explore. He liked riding a train through the Blue Ridge Mountains. They drove to Tennessee, so he got to go on a road trip, and he liked that too! If he could travel anywhere, Gary would like to go to Disneyland, because he’s never been there before. He’d like to see Aladdin, Mickey Mouse, and meet Snow White.

We asked Barb what some awesome things she’d tell us about Gary are, and she had some fun answers! Barb said that Gary “used to play the guitar and rode on a motorcycle with his brother.” Barb also said that Gary “helped his brother fix cars.”

If Gary could tell his community anything about himself, he’d like to share more about his life. He would like to tell the community about where he was born and about his experiences when he lived at Lake Susan apartments in Chanhassen. He’d also like to tell the community more about all of the traveling that he’s done.

Gary is involved in his community in a variety of ways. He is a regular at church, where he’s made many friends and connections that live in the Chanhassen area. He travels frequently, is on a bowling league, and is out and about in the local community so much that people often recognize him when he goes places.


Quick Facts About Gary:

His favorite part of the day is coming home, watching TV and movies, and relaxing.
Gary LOVES Chuck Norris. His favorite TV show is Walker Texas Ranger. He also loves Full House, Charlie Chan, and Dallas. He likes any programs with Chuck Norris and is also a fan of black and white movies.
Gary’s favorite foods are vegetables and spicy foods.
When it’s time to relax, Gary likes to watch movies or play on his iPad.
Gary’s favorite holidays are Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Memorial Day. He loves Christmas because he likes to decorate his bedroom and the house and likes to be happy.


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