#FacesOfAbilityFriday – George L.

This week on #FacesOfAbilityFriday we’re featuring George L. George lives in one of our residential homes. We talked with Jane, a staff member who has worked with George for decades, about what makes him so awesome. (George is non-verbal, but Jane knows him very well.)

George works at Choice in Minnetonka. He’s worked at Choice for a long time and has developed many positive and important relationships there. George does a variety of cleaning jobs at Choice, including jobs at the Victoria Recreation Center, Bryant Lake Park, St. Bonifacius City Offices, Calvary Memorial, and Crown College. When he’s not working, George enjoys having many recreational opportunities and time to spend with his friends at work.

George loves to spend time out on the deck at his house. He values his quiet time and will often go outside to get it. He also likes to listen to music on the deck, make string art outside when it’s nice, and swing in the glider swing outside. Music is one of his favorite things and though he likes music of all kinds, country and John Denver seem to be his favorites.

Jane had a lot of awesome things she shared about George. She describes him as “extremely patient,” and talked about how well he gets along with others. She said that George is always willing to wait for people and he does this without complaining. Jane also talked about how George “rarely complains about anything.” She said that George is super easy to get along with and that he’s always willing to join his housemates on all kinds of activities. He and a housemate have shared a room for almost 30 years, and Jane said in that time, they haven’t had any issues. She also said that when George finds something funny, you’ll hear him laugh out loud.

George is involved in his community in several ways. He has become acquainted with a lot of the neighbors around his house and will visit with them when he’s out on walks or if he runs into them in the community. He attends community events, festivals, and celebrations on a regular basis. He goes swimming at the St. Louis Park Rec Center and loves going to concerts, plays, and other performances in the community. And, just like you and I, George is in the community for everyday things, like shopping, getting haircuts, and going to his favorite restaurant.



Quick facts about George:

George loves pie! He loves all different kinds and doesn’t have one specific favorite.
He doesn’t like cheese.
When it’s time to relax, George likes to listen to music, watch TV, or sit outside on the deck.
George loves hats! He wears one each time he goes out.
His favorite holiday is Thanksgiving. George spends this holiday with staff members’ families and loves to eat all the delicious food (especially the pie!!).

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Written by Nikki Storebo