#FacesOfAbilityFriday – Jamie W.

This week on #FacesOfAbilityFriday we’re featuring Jamie W. Jamie lives in one of MORA’s residential homes. Jamie and one of his long-time staff, Brenda, sat down with us to talk about his life and what makes him awesome.

Jamie doesn’t go to a formal job, but he does work on different programming at home during the day. He and a housemate stay at the house while others go to work, and during this time Jamie helps out with many different tasks in the home. He helps with taking out trash and recycling, bringing in groceries, vacuuming (his favorite!), and keeping the house organized and stocked up. Jamie loves to do these things and is excellent at them.

From what Brenda knows, Jamie grew up in Chaska. Prior to living in his current house, he spent many years living on MORA’s Victoria campus. He has three sisters, one of whom is deceased. The other two live in California and Minnesota, but Jamie doesn’t get to see them very much.

Brenda had all kinds of fun things to tell us about Jamie. She described him as having a “mischievous streak.” When his staff aren’t looking, Jamie loves to tip the cushions off the couch and unfold all the blankets in the living room. She also talked to us about how Jamie has tried a variety of activities throughout the years and has developed a clear set of preferences for specific things. He likes to participate in these preferred activities and she said that nowadays, Jamie is “doing what he wants to do.”

Jamie loves music. Listening to music is his favorite thing. He was enjoying all kinds of it when we were at the house to interview him and, judging from the smile on his face, he was having a great time doing so! You can often find Jamie in his favorite chair in the house, snuggled up in a warm blanket with music going. He also likes sensory items and has a variety of them that he uses. He’s particularly fond of strong smells and tastes and has an array of essential oils he likes to smell.

If Brenda could tell the community anything about Jamie, it would be that he loves to spend time in the parks. However, he’s not too thrilled to be anywhere where there is lots of people. In Brenda’s words, she thinks Jamie would love it if we kept the parks “low key” so he could enjoy his time there.

Jamie spends most of his time in the community at parks. He enjoys watching what’s happening and doing people watching. He also likes to spend time at McDonalds in a quiet area, where he can enjoy food and people watch.



Quick facts about Jamie:

Jamie loves to eat pizza, hot dogs, and spicy foods.
His favorite music includes The Beatles, 80s music, Michael Jackson, and jazz.
Jamie loves watching movies that have lots of music in them, like “Top Gun” and “Armageddon.”
He enjoys summer more than any other season.

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Written by Nikki Storebo