#FacesOfAbilityFriday – Keith S.

This week on #FacesOfAbilityFriday we’re showcasing Keith S. Keith lives in one of MORA’s residential homes. We asked Keith some questions about his life, job, and personal interests, and he had a lot to say!

Keith works at Cub Foods. He does courtesy and maintenance work at Cub, which often involves bringing shopping carts inside from the parking lot. Keith attends a day program, MRCI, where he receives job coaching and assistance with maintaining community employment. On Thursdays and Fridays, Keith goes to Country Inn and Suites with a group of MRCI clients, where he does housekeeping work. He makes beds, cleans rooms, and cleans bathrooms there. Keith stays so busy with his job that he currently doesn’t do any volunteer work.





Keith grew up in Chaska and graduated from Chaska High School. He’s very involved in his community, in many ways. In addition to working in his community, Keith attends activities through Magnifying Abilities on a regular basis, where he meets new people and makes friends. He’s super active and is out in the community almost every day. Keith says that he runs into people he knows everywhere he goes!

If we were to ask his friends and family to tell us some awesome things about him, Keith thinks they would say he’s “a funny guy who likes to play tricks and tell jokes to have a good laugh.” When we asked Keith to tell us about himself, he described himself as “a busy guy.” Keith says, “I feel like I’m always busy with jobs and outings. I like to stay busy and I like being out in the community.”  Keith’s hopes and dreams include going on a hot air balloon ride and owning a moped, monster truck, or go-kart. Keith has been trying for a few years to go on a hot air balloon trip, but each time the day has arrived, the weather spoiled the trip, and he wasn’t able to go up in the air. ☹


If Keith could tell the community anything about himself, he says he’d want people to know that he’s a good worker and a hard worker.


Quick facts about Keith:

Keith likes to relax by playing on his iPad, building crafts, and watching movies and TV shows (Mythbusters and How It’s Made are among his favorites).
Christmas is his favorite holiday, because he gets presents.
Keith’s favorite food is pizza. He’s not too keen on vegetables but will eat them if they’re served.
He loves to go on outings! His favorite part of the day is going out in the community and doing an activity or two.
Keith’s favorite song is “Cupid Shuffle” by Cupid and “Rhiannon” by Fleetwood Mac. His favorite movies are “Mr. Mom” and “Grease.”
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Written by Nikki Storebo