#FacesOfAbilityFriday – Mallory S.

This week on #FacesOfAbilityFriday we’re featuring Mallory S. Mallory lives in one of MORA’s residential homes, and is involved in many of the recreational activities offered through MORA. We sat down with Mallory to talk about her life and what makes her so amazing.

Mallory works at Choice in Eden Prairie. She has several jobs through Choice. She works at Culvers, where she does dishes, cleans the dining room, bags orders, and has now started working on cashiering at the main counter and the drive-thru window. She also does office work for a local agency and does cleaning at a local fire station. Mallory also does volunteer work. She volunteers at Feed My Starving Children, where she puts labels on the food bags. She is on “Crew 52” with Special Olympics and helps direct people to the stadiums at different events. She’s also a global messenger with Special Olympics and helps members of her team through this program.

Mallory grew up in the Twin Cities. She was born in Minneapolis and grew up with her dad, mom, and brother. She remains close to her family today, and told us if we talked to them, they’d tell us she has a “kind heart” and that she loves to give hugs to them.

Mallory dreams of becoming a hip-hop dance instructor. She loves to do hip-hop dance, and she wants to teach all the staff at her house how to do some fun moves. She’s a member of MORA’s Showstopper dance troupe and enjoys learning new moves from the instructor. Another dream Mallory has is to work at Caribou Coffee.

If Mallory could tell the community anything about herself, she’d want people to know that she’s famous for winning the Miss Amazing pageant. Mallory got a sash, trophy, flowers, and a crown when she won this. She also wants the community to know that she does different public speaking things through Special Olympics. Mallory said that she likes to challenge herself and do things that are outside of her comfort zone.

There are lots of special things about Mallory. She loves to go shopping, especially at the Disney Store. She likes to buy new things from her favorite Disney movies and TV shows. She’s good at cooking, especially pasta. Mallory said she used to have a goal to learn how to cook, and that she “mastered it” a while ago. She also loves to sing and dance!

Mallory is involved in her community in a few ways. Her dad is a coach for Special Olympics, and Mallory has been playing various sports her entire life. She currently plays on Special Olympics teams for track and field, basketball, bowling, and floor hockey. She is connected to her community through the various jobs she has, which give her opportunities to meet and interact with members of the community every day. She also has community connections that she’s formed through her family too!


Quick facts about Mallory:

Mallory’s favorite foods include mashed potatoes, asparagus, brussels sprouts, pasta, and bratwurst.
She couldn’t think of any foods she dislikes.
Her favorite holiday is Christmas. Mallory loves it because she gets to spend time with her family.
When it’s time to relax, Mallory likes to use her iPad, listen to music on her headphones, or do meditation.
Mallory’s favorite movie is Beauty and the Beast.

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Written by Nikki Storebo