#FacesOfAbilityFriday – Michael S.

This week on #FacesOfAbilityFriday we are featuring Michael S. Michael lives in one of MORA’s residential homes. We sat down with Michael and talked to a few of his staff to find out all the cool things about him.

Michael works at MRCI. He’s gone there for a long time and has many friends there and has great relationships with the staff. He’s a part of the “Venture” program at MRCI and works on packaging cards. He volunteers with MRCI as well. Currently, he volunteers at a nursing home and with Feed My Starving Children.

Michael grew up in the Twin Cities area. He’s a Bloomington native with a brother and a sister. He’s close to his family and spends time with them on a regular basis. He loves to call his parents and his siblings as well.

Michael’s staff had all kinds of fun things to tell us about him. His staff describe him as “sweet” and “nice.” They talked about how he’s empathic and is in tune with the emotions of others. His staff said that Michael is funny and loves to tell jokes, and that he’s good at getting people to laugh.

Michael loves going to camp. His staff think that if he could go anywhere, he’d pick a camp he’s never visited before. He enjoys camp so much that his staff think he’d like to spend an entire summer up there! Another thing he enjoys is coming home and relaxing in his room. He can often be found listening to some music (John Denver is in the regular rotation) or watching one of the movies he loves. He’s a huge fan of game shows and loves to play along and clap for the contestants.

There were a few special things staff said about Michael. According to his staff, Michael doesn’t dance very often but when he does, “he can really cut a rug.” He’s a shy guy when you first meet him, but once Michael knows you his outgoing, goofy side will come out.

Michael is involved in his community in a few ways. He’s connected through the volunteering and work he does at MRCI. He’s involved with Mt. Olivet Lutheran Church and regularly attends a few of their programs, through which he’s made connections with people. He’s also made connections over the years through his family.

Quick facts about Michael:

Michael’s favorite foods are cheese, pie, and bagels with cream cheese.
He isn’t a fan of carbonated beverages.
Michael loves Thanksgiving! He gets to have lots of pie.
He enjoys oldies music, including Elvis, John Denver, Elton John, and Johnny Cash.
Michael’s favorite movies are Jersey Boys, Home Alone, and the Little Mermaid.

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Written by Nikki Storebo