#FacesOfAbilityFriday – Nancy C.

This week on #FacesOfAbilityFriday we are featuring Nancy C. Nancy lives in one of MORA’s residential homes and goes to MORA’s Adult Day Services (ADS) program. We sat down with Nancy and two of her staff, Beth and Kowsar, to talk about all the great things she’s doing.

Nancy goes to ADS. She gets to participate in several different recreational activities there, including going to the gym and playing basketball. Nancy told us that she loves to play basketball, and Beth agreed with this and said it’s one of her favorite things.

Nancy grew up in Crystal, MN. She has a brother named Mike and a sister named Cathy. She’s been with MORA since the 1970s and has developed lots of strong relationships with clients and staff. Nancy was eager to show us a book of letters that she has. When her parents were alive, her mom would regularly write her letters and send them to her day program. Her family saved the letters and now Nancy has them in a binder, which she likes to get out and read through with her staff.

Nancy loves to go to bible study and church through MORA. Her favorite song is Pastor Don’s version of “He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands.” Nancy likes to get her guitar out and strum on it, while singing this song with her housemates. (She did an impromptu performance for us and it was awesome!

We asked Nancy if there was anything she’d like to do that she hasn’t had the opportunity to try yet. She didn’t give us a direct answer, but Beth said that Nancy would probably love to go to the county fair or to a zoo, so she could see the animals. Nancy loves animals, especially horses. In terms of travel, Beth thinks that Nancy would love to travel to a sunny beach in Florida, as she loves the water. Nancy agreed with her on this.,

Beth and Kowsar had some awesome things to tell us about Nancy. According to Kowsar, Nancy is “smart” and “observant.” Beth agreed, and said that Nancy “has a great sense of humor, is very playful and funny, and loves to help others.” Beth also said that Nancy “would have been a great mother.” If Beth could tell the community anything about Nancy, she’d want people to know how friendly and funny Nancy is. Nancy leaves an impression on everyone she meets and according to Beth, brings a lot to her community.


Quick facts about Nancy:

Nancy’s favorite part of her day is going to ADS.
Her favorite foods are sandwiches, hamburgers, and ice cream.
Nancy loves to watch Dr. Doolittle and 101 Dalmatians.
When it’s time to relax, Nancy likes to sleep. She also likes to watch TV and listen to the radio in her room, and if it’s nice out, she enjoys sitting outside.
Nancy’s favorite holiday is Christmas. She loves the music, especially the song “Silent Night.” She also likes to decorate.
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Written by Nikki Storebo