#FacesOfAbilityFriday – Patrick L.

This week on #FacesOfAbilityFriday we’re featuring Patrick L. Patrick lives in one of MORA’s residential homes. We met up with Patrick and Audrey, who works with him, to talk about his life and why he’s such an awesome guy.

Patrick works at the Fairfield Inn and Suites. He does housekeeping there three days a week. Patrick likes this job and likes his schedule. He gets employment supports from Opportunity Services and does some volunteer work at Feed My Starving Children with that group. When he’s not working, Patrick likes to work out and relax.

Patrick grew up in Kansas. His family lives here in Minnesota now, and he has a brother and a sister. He’s very close to his family and spends time with them on a regular basis. He travels with his family, and recently went on a fishing trip to Canada with his dad and some family friends. Patrick enjoyed the trip and was happy to tell us about the 12-hour drive and short plane ride that were required to get them out to the site they fished at.

Patrick is an ambitious guy; which Audrey was quick to tell us. He does photography in his free time and told us that he wants to start his own professional photography business. He does lots of pictures of wildlife and outdoors, and he has his own business cards with some of his photographs featured on them. Audrey said that Patrick loves to learn, which he agreed with, and that he will decide he wants to learn about a new topic and will then go out and read about it and research it until he has a good understanding of it.

Patrick is an avid outdoorsman. He likes to fish, hunt, and do mountain bike riding. He typically fishes out at Lake Waconia, where he catches mostly crappies. He hopes to catch a big Muskie out there at some point in time. He does a lot of bike riding and over the summer, it became one of his favorite things to do. In fact, he recently did a 48-mile bike ride.

Patrick has lots of hopes and dreams. In addition to wanting to own his own photography business, he’d also like to learn how to be a mechanic, and he wants to be a pilot. Patrick also wants to go to Ireland someday.

Patrick is involved in his community in a few different ways. Through his job at the Fairfield Inn and the volunteer work he does at FMSC, Patrick meets new people in the community, makes connections, and gives back. He is also in a snowboarding group and golf group in Edina, where he has met people and is able to take lessons and further his ability in both sports.


Quick facts about Patrick:

His favorite food is steak. He enjoys it cooked medium rare.
Patrick doesn’t like tater tot hot dish.
He loves Dave Matthews Band and his favorite TV show is Big Bang Theory.
Patrick loves Christmas, because he gets lots of gifts and spends time with his family.


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Written by Nikki Storebo