#FacesOfAbilityFriday – Peter S.

This week on #FacesOfAbilityFriday we are also featuring Peter S. Peter lives in one of MORA’s residential homes. We talked with Peter and a few of his staff members to find out what it is that makes him so special.

Peter attends the Choice Stars program during the day. He doesn’t do any paid work there, but he does go on many different adventures in the community. He also works on arts and crafts projects, which he enjoys and is great at.

Peter grew up in Minnesota. He has family members in different states, but he gets to spend time with them regularly. In fact, his dad and brother were recently up for a visit with him!

Peter is one of the friendliest people you’ll meet. He always greets people with a smile and is a fan of giving big hugs to everyone he meets. He loves being around people. He’s big on relaxation time too and when it’s time to kick back, he loves to plop down on one of his big Love Sac bean bag chairs and watch TV.

Peter’s staff think that if he could travel anywhere, he’d enjoy going to Las Vegas. There are lots of bright lights and a ton of people, which are two things that Peter would enjoy. There’s a lot he could do there, and they have a NASCAR track, so he could take in a race too!

There were a few things that Peter’s staff wanted to tell us about him that make him special. His staff discussed his friendly nature. They said that he’s a very “easy going” guy and that he makes everyone who comes to the house feel welcome and at home. Peter is also a total jokester. He loves to poke fun at his housemates and to have a good laugh with everyone.

Peter gets involved in his community through the activities he does with Choice. He is also meeting new people whenever he goes out and about. He loves to greet them with a smile and sometimes a hug,

Quick facts about Peter:

Peter loves ice cream!
He’s not a fan of foods that are super sticky or hard to chew.
Peter’s favorite movie is Black Panther.
His favorite music is classic rock—and he doesn’t care for rap or hip hop!
Peter loves Christmas!

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Written by Nikki Storebo