#FacesOfAbilityFriday – Ray S.

This week on #FacesOfAbilityFriday we’re featuring Ray S. Ray lives in one of MORA’s residential homes. We sat down with Ray and one of his staff, and talked with his parents, to find out what makes Ray so awesome!

Ray works at Choice. He does a bunch of different jobs there, including some cleaning work at fire stations. (How cool is that?!) He also can participate in several activities in the community with Choice, including visiting the zoo, which is one of his favorite things! Ray’s parents said he also gets some volunteer opportunities through Choice, including helping with Meals on Wheels and different pet adoptions.

Ray has many talents. His parents said he’s best at “drawing, tidying things around the house, and being polite.” Ray and his staff said the things he does best are making cards, drawing, and meeting new people. Ray loves to make new friends and get to know people, and he really enjoys it when people like him a lot and make it known that they do!

After a busy day at work, Ray enjoys coming home and relaxing before dinner. He has a dog at his parents’ home, and when he’s there visiting, he loves to take the dog for walks. He’s a social guy and enjoys when his housemates are around to work on puzzles with.

Ray’s parents had some awesome things to tell us about him! They said that Ray has a “big heart.” He loves to comfort people when they’re feeling down and is in tune with others’ emotions. They also said he loves to “laugh and be goofy,” and that he’s always appreciative when someone helps him. Ray’s staff describe him as “friendly and sociable.” They agreed with his parents and said that Ray is always very concerned about how others are feeling.

Ray is the only boy in his family, and that’s pretty darn special. He has four sisters and has a great relationship with each of them. His family is constantly growing, and Ray is now an uncle, which he loves. He also enjoys having brothers-in-law to spend time with now too!

If Ray could tell the community anything about himself, he’d want people to know that he’s good at moving past things. His parents want people to know that “Ray is a kind a sensitive man. He wants to feel liked by everyone he meets. He likes to ask lots of questions when getting to know new people. He has a great sense of humor and can be fun to hang out with.

In true Ray fashion, he’s always expanding his social network, and this spring he made a connection with a gentleman named Mark. Ray and Mark went on a trip to the Minnesota Zoo and have been great buddies ever since that trip! Ray and Mark talk on the phone regularly and Ray always makes sure to see if Mark can come on outings that he plans with staff. This is just one example of how

great Ray is at fostering relationships!


Quick facts about Ray:

Ray loves a variety of food. His favorites including McDonalds, Burger King, pizza, chocolate, cookies, and salads that have lots of dressing.
He doesn’t like fish or seafood of any kind.
Ray’s favorite holidays are Halloween and Christmas.
When it’s time to relax, Ray likes to watch videos on his iPad, color, watch TV, draw pictures, or play card games.
His favorite songs are Disney songs and the Mickey Mouse song. He also loves John Denver (so does his dad!), music from the TV show “Glee,” and Christmas music.

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Written by Nikki Storebo