#FacesOfAbilityFriday – Shane R.

This week on #FacesOfAbilityFriday we’re showcasing Shane R.  Shane lives in one of our residential homes. We talked to Shane’s day program coordinator, Thea, his sister Debbie, and one of his staff, Wede, about Shane and the things they enjoy most about him. We also met with Shane and he was able to show us some of the things that he loves the most!

Shane works at Chrestomathy II in Eden Prairie. At Chrestomathy, Shane works on pre-vocational skills, and helps to make and package Chrestomathy’s unique greeting cards. In the summer months, Shane also does volunteer work with the City of Minnetonka. Shane participates in the Adopt-A-Park-Sign program, in which he helps to maintain the landscaping around a park sign.

Thea and Debbie both agreed that Shane’s favorite part of the day is when he gets to go on a van ride. Shane loves to drive around and see places, meet new people, and listen to music (especially rock and roll). He also loves to have dance parties in the van when a song he likes comes on. Shane also enjoys meal time, as eating is one of his favorite activities! According to Wede, Shane’s favorite part of his day is coming home from work, having a snack, and relaxing in his comfy arm chair. Shane loves to draw pictures and look at magazines in his chair after work, while watching game shows and sports events on TV.

If Thea could tell the community anything about Shane, it would be that “he is exuberant and loves to meet new people. He likes to show people exactly how pleased he is to make their acquaintance.” When we asked Debbie to tell the community anything about Shane, she said, “Shane is always watching and paying attention. Don’t underestimate Shane.” Some awesome things that Shane’s team had to say were that he has “a great personality,” he “likes to joke around and make people laugh,” he is the “least judgmental person ever,” and he loves to write and draw, go on van rides, and to see cars.

Shane has many talents, including playing the guitar and drawing. In addition, Shane’s team says he’s great at “making people laugh” and that he’s “willing to forgive and forget after you’ve done something to upset him.”

Thea talked to some of Shane’s peers, and they agreed that if he could travel anywhere, Shane would probably like to visit “Australia” so he could “see kangaroos and koalas.” When it’s time to relax Thea and Debbie agree that his favorite way to do this is to read magazines, especially car magazines. At home, Wede says that Shane likes to take naps to relax, especially in his arm chair (undoubtedly his favorite place to be in the house).


Quick facts about Shane:

Shane loves baseball hats.
His favorite foods include trail mix, hamburgers and fries, root beer, brownie bites, and cheese and crackers. (He’s partial to finger foods that are easy to grab.)
His least favorite food is vegetables.
Shane loves Christmas, because he gets to see his family, open lots of presents, and eat good food. He also loves Independence Day and having picnics in the park with people.
Shane loves music in general, but has a preference for country, rock and roll, anything by Pastor Don, and any songs that have a good beat that he can dance to.

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Written by Nikki Storebo