#FacesOfAbilityFriday – Shelly M.

This week on #FacesOfAbilityFriday we are featuring Shelly M. Shelly lives in one of MORA’s residential homes with three of her good friends. We had a chance to sit down and talk to Shelly and two of her staff, Mike and Teri, to find out some more about her and the amazing things she does!

Shelly works at Choice. She spends three days a week there and is primarily involved in recreational type activities. Shelly does exercise programs at Choice, which she can demonstrate for staff at home, and which she likes to talk about. Christina met with Elizabeth who works with Shelly at Choice and has worked with Shelly for 40+ years. Elizabeth said that Shelly loves to walk on the treadmill, she will do this three times a week. She also said Shelly also loves to cook during her days at Choice. Shelly likes to keep busy. According to Shelly, she also sorts things when she’s at work. The other two days of the week Shelly stays home, where she does different activities with staff. These activities take place in the house and in her community.

Shelly grew up with her mom and sister. She continues to be close to her sister today, and visits with her regularly. When we asked Shelly’s staff what her favorite part of the day is, Mike said that on days when she goes to work, she loves to come home and hang out in the kitchen while staff are cooking dinner. On the days she stays home, Mike said she loves to greet her housemates at the door and welcome them in from the bus. Teri said that Shelly’s favorite part of the day would be any time she gets out in the community for an activity, as she’s a very social person.

Shelly loves music. According to Teri, she loves “upbeat music” and “anything that she can dance to.” Mike said that Shelly loves to “sing Old McDonald” and listen to music from Pastor Don. When we were interviewing Shelly, she was also singing the song “Hallelujah” at times. Shelly also loves movies, and both Mike and Teri agree that she likes action and adventure movies. Shelly says she also likes Harry Potter movies.

If Teri could tell the community anything about Shelly, it would be that she loves people and enjoys making them smile. Teri says that Shelly “has a very outgoing personality and brings individuals together in a positive way.” When we asked Mike to tell us some awesome things about Shelly, he said that she’s “very goofy and likes to play around.” Shelly stays active in her community through the work she does at Choice, and the times she gets out on activities. She’s been with MORA for a long time, and has made many friends within MORA programs, who she loves to see at different events.

Teri told us that the thing Shelly is best at is “making people laugh and having a great time.” People who know Shelly and have met her agree with this, and often say that Shelly leaves a lasting, positive impression.


Quick facts about Shelly:

Shelly’s favorite foods include McDonalds, especially soda and hamburgers, and pizza. She doesn’t care for sparkling water or eggs.
When it’s time to relax, Shelly loves to bring her blanket to the basement and spend time watching movies.
Shelly’s favorite clothing include t-shirts and lightweight pants (she loves being comfy!), and Christmas-themed attire.
Her favorite holiday is Christmas, as Shelly loves to get presents.


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Written by Nikki Storebo