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Estates, Trusts, & Beneficiaries

Estates, Trusts, & Beneficiaries

Thank you for your interest in learning about the many ways to give to Mount Olivet Rolling Acres. Your gift of any size improves the quality of life of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Please consider ensuring the future support of Mount Olivet Rolling Acres by naming MORA as a beneficiary or setting up a trust.

Estates, Trusts, & Beneficiaries One

Charitable Trusts

There are a variety of charitable trusts you can make through your estate that provide numerous benefits to you as a donor including possibly increasing your income and tax advantages. Charitable trusts can also help you provide an inheritance for your loved ones. Beneficiary Designation. It is simple to make Mount Olivet Rolling Acres a beneficiary of an IRA account or other retirement plan. Since these assets have never been taxed, they make ideal charitable gifts to give to nonprofit organizations. Contact your retirement plan administrator and request the appropriate form.

Retained Life Estate

You can donate your home, one of your most valued possessions, while you are still living in it, even if you want your spouse or other survivor to live on the home for their lifetime. For more information regarding retained life estate contact.

Mari Carlson
Director of Development
Phone: (612) 821-3151

For more information about our Estate, Trust and Beneficiaries, please visit our contact page.