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Join the volunteer team at Mount Olivet Rolling Acres and you will be embarking on a journey of discovery, friendship, personal growth and fun while contributing to the lives of people with disabilities. Our volunteers use their talents and learn new skills while helping people reach their full potential.

Benefits of volunteering at Mount Olivet Rolling Acres:

  • A chance to have fun while sharing with others something you enjoy
  • A unique environment in which to expand your knowledge of disabilities
  • A chance to meet new people and establish new friendships
  • A place to gain career related experiences
  • Letter of reference for college and job applications

Who Volunteers?
We offer a variety of opportunities for people of all ages to make a difference in the lives of our clients. We work with individuals, families, groups,
 faith-based organizations and corporations to find the perfect opportunity to meet their goals, interests and talents.

What positions are available?

The staff at Mount Olivet Rolling Acres will work with volunteers to match them with a position that meets their interests and goals. There are a number of different options available. Including the following

  • Out on the Town Assistant
  • Sharing in Friendship & Fellowship
  • Make a meal and serve a smile
  • Music Mania Leader
  • Adult Day Service Assistant
  • One time service projects

Many of which involve direct contact with the people we support. Other positions offer a behind the scenes, supportive role.

Prospective volunteers are encouraged to contact the Volunteer Coordinator, Sarah Hennes, at 612-322-2638 or SAHennes@mtolivet-mora.org

How Much Time is Required?
You decide! You can choose the type of volunteer experience depending on your availability. We have one-time volunteer opportunities, monthly, seasonal or even weekly commitments available.

Why Should I Choose to volunteer at Mount Olivet Rolling Acres?
MORA offers volunteers a diverse and flexible program. Volunteers are provided with an initial orientation session and additional training and support are available along the way. Volunteering with our organization will lead individuals down a road of self discovery and personal satisfaction. Volunteering with our residents leaves individuals with a unique appreciation for the abilities of all people.

Where will I be working?
Mount Olivet Rolling Acres offers volunteer opportunities throughout the metro area.




To see if we have volunteer options close to you, please visit our contact page.