Join MORA on our Journey to a Brighter Future!


At the beginning of summer, a group of people was assembled to develop a strategic plan for MORA. The group consisted of a wide variety of people from all different departments and types of positions within MORA, representatives from MORA’s Board of Directors, MORA guardians, and several individuals MORA serves. The group met three times throughout the summer and came up with a framework for MORA’s strategic plan – Journey to a Brighter Future.

So, what is strategic planning? To put it simply, it’s a process that we used to gain ideas on what’s working, what’s not working, and where we want to be as an organization in three years. We can use the plan to make sure that as an organization we’re moving in the right direction, and to measure our progress as we go.

MORA’s strategic planning group identified three goal areas that we will work on beginning in 2020:

  • Investing in the employee experience through recruitment & retention efforts, improved training, and increased self-care.
  • Creating unified priorities through collaborative problem solving, understanding priorities & program reports, and improved internal communication.
  • Expanding support for MORA’s mission by building awareness and expanding fundraising.

In the coming weeks, we will be spreading the word about our strategic plan and looking for your feedback! The picture above will be posted in each of our locations, and sent to all employees and residential guardians in the form of a postcard. We will also be scheduling some focus groups (dates to be announced at a later time), during which we can get feedback on the different goals and plans.

If you’d like to get more information on the strategic plan, check out the Journey to a Brighter Future page on SharePoint.

If you have questions, feedback, ideas, or anything else to share about the strategic plan, please send an email to (Please note – this email is not an anonymous email.)

You can also check in with the team members involved in the strategic planning group:

Amy Blunt – MCCP –
Megan Ruschmeier – Nursing –
Andy Dressel – Finance –
JoAnne Anderson-Lebens – HR –
Maria Schugel – ADS –
Kathleen Casey – In-Home –
Bryce Hansen – Case Management –
Caroline Kageche – Residential –
Shannon Colley Davis – Residential –
Joleyne Williams – Residential –
Albert Greene – Residential –
Siham Mahamood – Case Management –
Elaine Kruger – Residential –