MCCP 12,000 Referral Milestone

In early November 2019 the Metro Crisis Coordination Program (MCCP) received their 12,000 referral!  MCCP began providing supports in 1996.  MCCP received their 1,000 referral in 1999, 5,000 referral in 2006 and 10,0000 referral in 2015.  MCCP continues to provide community-based crisis services for persons with developmental disabilities across the seven-county metropolitan area.  MCCP strives to keep individuals in their natural residential, work and educational settings. MCCP provides early intervention assessments and crisis support planning.  Behavior Analyst’s provide supports and training to families, day programs, residential programs and care providers who are supporting people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

In December 2019 MCCP will begin providing similar support to individuals who have diagnosed mental health conditions.  Well done MCCP and thanks for your work over the years!