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Children’s Temporary Crisis

Children’s Temporary Crisis

In our 50 years of providing service and support to people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, we have found that there is a need for more services for children with disabilities. We strive to provide all people with intellectual and developmental disabilities the residential facilities, care, and services that allow them to live within the community and realize a quality of life that is valued. This model is the basis for our Children’s Temporary Crisis home in Richfield, MN. The emphasis of the program is to provide each child with a safe, stable, structured, and nurturing environment, while working with case managers to secure an appropriate long-term home.

This program can serve up to 4 children between the ages of 7-17, which includes one placement that is reserved for crisis placement. All referrals for crisis placement come from the intake office at St. Joseph’s Home for Children.

Our caring and nurturing staff strive to provide a quality home environment where normal activities of daily living are practiced and the children are offered numerous opportunities of community activities. Mount Olivet Rolling Acres also has a behavior analyst and nurse available if a child should need those specialized services.

It is the goal of Mount Olivet Rolling Acres to provide excellent care and opportunities so the children in this program are able to transition smoothly to the next steps in their lives. Our wealth of knowledge and experience supporting people with intellectual and developmental disabilities makes this possible.

For more information about our Children’s Temporary Crisis Program, please call (952) 474-5974 or  visit our contact page.