Team of the Month – August

Birch Bluff Team

The Birch Bluff team has a total of 117 combined years of experience this speaks volumes about their abilities to work together as a team. I have had the opportunity to work with the team for the past 2 years. In that time, I have seen firsthand how much the guys at the home have benefited from being able to retain so many long-term employees.

Over the years the team has weathered many peaks and valleys, they have seen lots of change with the field, the organization and within the home but no matter what you can always count on this team to embrace the change with their best foot forward. There dedication to one another is amazing. Once you are at the home you will see just how much they all care, support and trust one another. This team of staff have the unique ability to make everyone feel welcomed, valued and supported. This allows for so many excellent memories. Such as bible study every week for 10 plus years, wow what a commitment. It’s important to not forget to talk about their person-centered focus at the home.

Thank-you for everything you have done and Thank-you for everything that you are doing to support the guys to lead a happy, healthy and safe life. Keep up with the fantastic work, I am so proud of this team. I truly value and treasure each and every one of you and have much respect for all of your accomplishments over the years.

-Hannah Palbicki -Program Supervisor