Team of the Month – Brickstone

“B is for brilliant. Whenever the team is met with a situation, they pull together to figure it out, this ranges anywhere from staffing to approaching something from a different perspective. They take the time to listen to one another, I have never seen such a display open-mindedness amongst a group people.

R is for being real. Every team member has a heart of gold, they truly care about our residents and it shows every day. The care they give is tremendous and provide a non-judgmental environment. “Keeping it real” should be the household motto.

I is for influential and inspiring. The Brickstone team members are not only caregivers, but they supply role model qualities. “Thinking outside of the box” to motivate someone to accomplish a goal, remaining cool and calm during moments of chaos, and promoting a positive work atmosphere.

C is for compassion, consideration, and companionship. The amount of time and dedication that everyone provides for residents and for each other is profound. The team at Brickstone understand that they need each other to lean on and to support each other,  They do this daily, by switching shifts, ensuring that the residents get to preferred outings, and are gracious to assist when they can.

K is for kindness and knowledge. Kindness is such a cliché word, but it fits the team well. Even in times of being unhappy or disgruntled, communications have been kind. Being kind, certainly goes much further than aggressiveness, the Brickstone clan possess the knowledge of this, as well as, the “ins and outs” of the gentlemen and house dynamics. I can approach any of the members with an inquiry about one the guys and I will get a life long history.

S is for sacrifice. I can’t think of one team member that has not sacrificed their own time to assist with one thing or another for the home. I firmly believe they don’t bat an eye if asked to help during a time of need. It is much appreciated that I have a team that is willing to put forth the effort to ensure that things run smoothly, and I know the gentlemen appreciate it, as well.

T is for trusting. The definition of trust is having the belief in the reliability, truth, ability, and strength of someone. I am very proud to say that each person that works within the realm of Brickstone, share this core value of making our team successful.

O is for openness and optimism. These qualities are very helpful during meetings and when a resident approaches with an inquisition, the Brickstone members display respect and dignity, not shutting down an idea or quick to say “no, that won’t work”. They take the time to think before replying and show enthusiasm for positive changes. If, a final decision was made amongst the group and it didn’t work, they regroup and try again.

N is for nurturing. I say nurturing because during moments of weakness and vulnerability our team is quick to respond in making sure that resident feels better. It could be just talking or giving medical assistance. It’s about surrounding and supporting that client or co-worker with comfort by listening or just simply by occupying the same space.

E is for empathy and expressiveness. Audrey, Neal, Shannon, Barb, Lizbeth, and Kyle are more than open when it comes to expressing their concerns and are avid advocates for the gentlemen that reside within the walls of the Brickstone home. I appreciate the emails and phone calls, regarding wanting to provide the utmost quality of care for those we serve. On the flipside of the expressiveness, they possess empathy. That empathy displayed warms my heart and comforts the guys, gives them piece of mind, knowing they are in the hands of people who truly care about them.

I want to thank the team for welcoming me with open arms, I couldn’t be more appreciative of the things you all do, every day. You are all amazing individuals that make the Brickstone home warm and inviting.”

-Teri Landsman-Few