Team of the Month – December


The Team at Madison is Incredible


To be able to celebrate Madison for Team of the Month for December is truly meant to be. The house has recently gone through a lot of changes but all for positive reasons! The Program Coordinator Tracy Serier was recently promoted to be the Program Coordinator.  She is currently still doing the med specialist role, picking up extra hours and learning the program coordinator role. She is so amazing, and we are lucky to have her. Tracy has heart and compassion.  She is a true leader.   CONGRATULATIONS Tracy!

Another change to Madison has been Sandy Johnston.  She has taken on the role of 1:1 for AF and DSP11 at the home. She has grown out of her comfort zone and taken on many tasks to support the home.  The home has changed dramatically since the full time addition of Sandy.  Her ideas and creativity are well evident to anyone that has not been to the home in a while.  She has spent hours helping make the transformation. In addition, she has been a huge support and leader in supporting the individuals in personal centered activities in home and community.

We continue to have the support and longevity of our overnight Joan.  We are lucky to have her knowledge and dedication.  I am not sure what we would do without the support of our float Stephanie that has been able to step in and be a dependable part of the team. And of course, I can’t forget the many others like Katharine, Kayla, & other fill in staff that have been such a big part in the lives of the clients we serve as well.

Days at Madison, can be stressful with the combination of medical issues, physical cares, and dealing with daily routes.   I am amazed by the leadership at Madison and how staff always put the individuals first.  These staff go above and beyond every day. I am amazed at the stories of how they enrich the lives of the four people at Madison.  I am impressed and thankful how the Madison staff come together through the tough times.  The dedication they show and willingness to support the house.

I cannot thank each of them enough for their hard work.  We may be short in numbers at Madison but we are not limited on dedication. The clients lives are better because of the care and dedication that you all show day in and day out.  I have been lucky to work with each of you.    Thank you for all that you do!