Team of the Month – January


The New Hope team is Incredible

I am so thankful to be a part of Team New Hope. I have been with this home since 2013 and each year I see us strive to be better, strive to make a difference, and to make this a true home for our guys. We have 3 individuals that have been with us since before they were 20 years old, and they’re all over 60 now! We also have 1 individual that moved in with us in 2019 and it’s his first time out of his home! One thing I know-the New Hope guys are lucky to have a team that cares for them.


The other thing I’m sure of is that the support we get from the full-time employees and the on-call employees helps us get through these hard times with our open positions. We are so thankful for the Andover team members and float employees who help care for our guys and work with. Our team members help pull together and help each other out.


We welcomed our new Supervisor, Grace Thompson, a few months ago and she’s already seen the heart that is within this home. Grace said, “In the few short months I have been with the company, I have seen the New Hope team rally to give the best care possible. From dealing with situations in the home, to a new supervisor, they know how to work together and overcome adversity. The care and attention to detail is amazing! With rock stars like Chereka and Paakow keeping the team energized and excited to work, it’s no surprise they were awarded this honor! I’m excited to be a part of this team for the future!”.


Our New Hope Home has had unique challenges in 2019, and we are ready to take on 2020 and kick it off celebrating everything we’ve accomplished and everything that’s to come.


Cheers to 2020 Team New Hope, we are so thankful for each and every one of you.



Sarah Smith

Senior Program Director