Team of the Month – June

Edina Team,

The Edina House is a very special place to work and live, due in large part to the amazing staff!  The residents like to stay busy and are frequently requesting to go multiple different directions at the same time and the staff do a great job of juggling it all.  The team works together extremely well, helping each other out by swapping shifts and picking up extra hours.  When there does happen to be an issue at the house or with a resident, the staff are excellent at communicating and brainstorming solutions.  As a supervisor, I am frequently reminded how lucky I am to have such a strong and dedicated team at Edina House!

John, the Program Coordinator, is a valuable leader and he keeps the house organized and running smoothly.  He is great at tying up all the loose ends.  Susan, the DSP2, has built a wonderful relationship with the residents and their families.  I know I can count on her to ensure any important communication is passed on.  Isaac has recently returned to the home after being deployed with the National Guard for a year and we are very excited to have him back!  He has jumped right back in like he was never away.  Euphemia and Jeremiah are the overnight staff and are vital to the home.  Their knowledge of the home and the residents is invaluable during the chaotic morning hours.  Getting four residents up, ready, and out the door by yourself in under three hours is no easy feat!  Edina House is also blessed with extraordinary part time and on-call staff.  Sawda’s positive attitude and smile are contagious to everyone she works with.  Josh is easygoing and able to stay calm even in hectic situations.  Juan is great at keeping the clients active and engaged. The guys love when Christina works at the house, with one literally clapping and jumping for joy when he hears she is on the schedule.  Lindsay has been with the house since it opened in 2015 and it is great when she is able to pickup shifts and keep her longstanding relationship with the clients.  Brogan, our incredible nurse, is one of the newer members to the team but she has already built a strong relationship with the residents and staff.  The staff feel well supported by Brogan and know they can reach out to her with any medical questions or concerns.

A huge thank you to John, Susan, Euphemia, Jeremiah, Isaac, Sawda, Juan, Christina, Josh, Lindsay, and Brogan!  Thank you for the care you show the residents and the effort you put in each and everyday to keep Edina House a fun, cheerful, and safe place to work and to live.  I appreciate you, as I know the residents and their parents do as well.  You are an amazing team to that I am lucky to be a part of!

-Kim Eiden