Team of the Month – Kings Lane

The Kings Lane Team

I have reflected back, on my 4 years working with the Kings Lane home, not only as a supervisor, but also a nurse. There are many moments that immediately flood to my brain, but I am very proud to say that the team members at Kings Lane have been working with each other for over 10 years, almost 15, this, in itself is, an accomplishment in our field. The environment has remained positive and upbeat, I was just told by one of the group members that coming to the home didn’t even seem like work. I know this is beneficial for our clients, seeing the same faces, everyday; it provides security, comfort, happiness, and predictability.

The team members of the Kings Lane home, come from all different walks of life, but have one major thing in common…they are compassionate to their clients and to one another. This is a major foundation that keeps the home running smoothly. The team works together to help resolve staffing issues, for example, coming in early or staying late for our clients to participate in many activities or events (Special O, state fair, McPhail, etc), or just shuffling around schedules to fill a shift. This dedication is admirable, and I am so thankful for each team member and what they contribute to the group. Kings Lane is a home that represents and recognizes that all people have talents, interests, and gifts to share. They are always thinking “outside the box” to tap into or to find what our clients hidden aspirations are, through listening and looking for understanding, and providing support, not trying to fix them (clients), as they are not broken.

Kings Lane isn’t just a work place for Randy, Noelle, Jason, John, Andrea, and Abby, it’s a second home. I understand that there are professional boundaries, however, I was once told by a doctor that if that boundary wasn’t crossed (displaying compassion, etc), that we wouldn’t be humans. I have witnessed the tears, sadness, concern, panic, laughter, smiles, and heard the questions; Did I miss something? Could I have done anything differently? Did you hear about the great time at McGregor? These are all emotions and thought processes that we experience in our homes and throughout MORA as a whole. I can’t express my gratitude enough for each of these individuals, they all have stories and wisdom to share, and look forward to being a part of that as the years move forward.

I am very delighted to partake in the life of Kings Lane; the open communication, the partnership amongst the group, and just being able to witness the interactions as they work together to accomplish goals. Thank you for everything you do throughout the days, the nights, 24/7…I truly value and treasure each one of you.