Team of the Month – Mackenthun

April Team of the Month


There are so many accolades that can be written about the individuals that work at the Mackenthun house, but it is the accolades of the team that are made up by those individuals, that makes it such a special place to live and work. To say we have had staffing challenges over the past year or so, would be an understatement. But, through it all, everyone jumped in and helped where and when they could, covering an entire shift or splitting it with someone else (usually the dreaded overnight) or covering when the BRT is activated. This usually means that they have had to rearrange or miss events in their personal lives to ensure that our clients were taken care with the highest standards.

A few words about the Mackenthun clients – high energy, active, fun, independent, to say a few – was high energy mentioned? It’s a good thing that the staff at Mackenthun also have that same high energy and sense of humor, but also have a calming effect as well when it is needed. This is important to the clients as staff ensure that they participate in preferred activities at home, in the community or with peers at activities that MORA sponsors. By really knowing them, they ensure they have the correct client mix with these activities, which ensures a quality experience for all involved, which is evidenced in their participation and being eager to participate in future activities.

Since I took over the supervision of the house, I have been so impressed and thankful for the dedication of the Mackenthun team, not only with how well they work together in tough times, but also the support they give each other and to the care they provide the clients. And of course, I can’t forget the many floats and substitute staff that have been such a big part in the lives of the clients we serve as well. The client’s lives are better because of the care and dedication that you all show day in and day out. Thank you for all that you do!


Thank you Mackenthun team!