Team of the Month – Northgate

“I love walking into Northgate because I am always greeted with smiles.  Smiles from the residents, who feel comfortable and supported in their home, and smiles from the staff who provide that for them.  Even with the many changes the team has been through they haven’t lost their smiles or their optimism.  In the past year the team has had me, (a brand new Supervisor), a brand new Program Coordinator, and two new full-time staff.  All these staffing changes were on top of the challenge of having a long-term resident move out and a new resident move in to the home.  That is a lot of change for one year!  However, the Northgate staff embraced the change with their ever-present smiles.  To help balance all this change are the two amazing overnight staff that have been at MORA a combined total of forty-seven years!  Now that is dedication!

I am always impressed with the team’s willingness to go above and beyond to make sure the residents are well cared for.  Their calendars are kept full with a variety of fun and exciting activities and staff ensure they are always able to attend.  The team keeps an atmosphere in the home where the resident’s feel supported, but also encouraged to make their own choices and be independent.  One problem the team set out to tackle this year (and ended up going beyond even my wildest expectations) was updating the outdated and matronly look of the home.  The Program Coordinator found a way to have paint donated and she worked with the DSP2 to repaint the living room, dining room, entry way, and bathroom.  They were also able to use a donation to get new living room furniture.  The staff then worked with the residents to make paintings and drawings to redecorate.  Walking into Northgate you now get a real sense of the men who live there, and it truly feels like their home.  It has been an amazing transformation and it was all possible because of the hard work of the Northgate team.

Thank you Haven, Hailey, Samuel, Chris, and Janis for being such a compassionate and caring team.  Thank you for your flexibility and your willingness to shuffle around your own lives to ensure the clients can live theirs to the fullest.  Although they might not be able to express it, I know they appreciate it and I know they appreciate you!  You are an amazing team that I feel lucky to be a part of!”

-Kim Eiden, Program Supervisor