Team of the Month – November

Plymouth Road Team


The Plymouth Road house is an awesome home to work at for two main reasons. One, the guys are FUN and a joy to be around. Two, the TEAM.

The Plymouth Road Team has a strong balance of long-term staff that have been with MORA for many years, and newer employees who have hopped into the PR Team and said YES let’s do this- I want to be a part of what’s going on here! There is a strong sense of teamwork and balance in the home. Things get done at this house. People talk to each other about what’s going on, how everyone’s doing and most importantly; have a sense of pride and enjoyment in what we’re doing here.

To be able to celebrate Plymouth Road for Team of the Month this November is truly meant to be. The house has recently gone through a lot of changes but all for positive reasons! The Program Coordinator Kaylee was recently promoted to be the Program Lead for Kings Lane and Victoria House- CONGRATULATIONS KAYLEE! And with that, Isaac has transferred from his Medical Specialist position with the house and has truly hit the ground running in providing positive leadership and oversight to the home. Isaac is already getting high praise from families and MORA team members and he’s going to be a wonderful Program Coordinator! Kevin has been an overnight for the house (an awesome one at that), and has been with MORA for many years. He truly understands the needs of the guys and how to set yourself up for success, and we often rely on him for training in our new employees for specific shifts! We are so thankful he is still with us at MORA. Ola, who has recently trained into the overnights at Glen Lake to help support the guys there, has been so helpful, kind and willing to help support both homes since she’s been with us. We also have Elm that had been on-call with us, who recently accepted a promotion to the Medical Specialist position! We are very confident he will be a strong addition to the house in this role, as he really understands the guys and has done very well in the home. The team is in a good jive with our many AWESOME casual staff including Abass, Babatunde and Boniface. They really are a part of our team and we thank everyone for coming over to the house when they’re available. Eli had been with the house for a year and recently changed to on-call, we will truly miss him being there every week! He has been such a positive and helpful support system for the guys. Eli’s family has also shown support to the house as his Dad and his work crew have volunteered twice now to do the Fall and Spring clean up! Have you seen the trees there?? We need it!

For the month of November, we acknowledge, appreciate and THANK the Plymouth Road Team for understanding the core values of what we are doing here. How we are supporting those we care for, and doing it well. The house feels like a home no matter what season you are in walking into it. The guys are active and busy. The families are invested, involved and thankful for our team supports. Of course there are difficult times, but with those bumps, we bind together and work hard at supporting everyone including each other. I am truly thankful to be a part of such a wonderful home, and have met many awesome employees in my time with the house.



-Sarah Smith