Team of the Month – September


Valley High staff are some of the best of the best that leads to an exceptional home! Each team member is an important cog in the well oiled machine.

Carl, the program coordinator, has 19 years with MORA and the residents at Valley High. His passion for the staff and residents is obvious as he is always willing to step up and make sure all goes smoothly. He may claim it is because of the lucky purple he has strategically painted around the home and wears, but it is clearly his skills at leadership and high work standards.

Leslie, the med specialist, has 15 years with MORA and the Valley High residents. Her routine processes and care for the residents leads to all medical running smoothly. She puts the care of the residents first even if that means extra work for herself. Her high standards and skills in the disability field are some of her best assets, but also her ability to smile through the tough times and look for the best.

Brian is the MORA veteran with 29.5 years of dedication to MORA! He has worked a large portion with the residents at Valley High and is a great historian for critical aspects of care, but also stories of reminiscing. Brian is always willing to help out the team even when it means sacrificing his time (and sleep) and will make sure you laugh if you work on his shift. He is also the house chef that is known to make gourmet meals that are better than most restaurants!

Chantell and Kandeh are the overnights and such critical members of the team, because not many people can stay up all night! The quality of care they both provide in their overnight shifts is exceptional. Kandeh started working at Valley High right after their move from the Cottage and has almost 3 years at the home. Kandeh is the home repairman/carpenter/plumber/assembler/ (the list goes on and on) as well as DSP. It is not uncommon for Kandeh to take on a project, such as refinishing end tables to go from shabby to chic all during his overnight shifts. One of the great things about Kandeh is you will always see him smile. Even when life is a little hectic, he will smile and point out the positive to the clients. Chantell is the newest Valley Higher with almost a year of service. Her bubbly personality and fun spirit is not for show, she is always happy! Chantell has an obvious passion for the residents and shows a level of care that is outstanding. Again, if you are working a shift with Chantell, you are going to laugh and have fun, which leads to lots of smiles from the other staff and the residents! Chantell is also a MORA apprentice and works extra hours to attend trainings and workshops to learn more about the industry.

Paige is one of our staff that has worked with the residents for 3 years while attending grad school for Special Education. Paige is a true team player that will pick up shifts, take residents to appointments, and come in early to complete tasks. With all that is on her plate, she still puts the residents first with her positive attitude!

Dan is an on-call staff that has worked for MORA for 23 years. He was full time for many years with the VH residents and is a great person to cover in a bind. His knowledge and care for the residents is high and appreciated!

Jemimah, although she recently left to start her venture in nursing school, was a critical part of the Valley High team for nearly 2 years. She was known for her durability as it was not uncommon to see her ride her bike to work, even in the winter. She was very concerned about the health of the residents in their eating and that they got enough exercise. Her laugh and smile are missed! Also would like to mention

Felicia, who covers many open shifts at Valley High as she one point was based out of the home. Felicia has been with MORA for 6.5 years and is known for her kindness and care in all homes she works.

If you didn’t add up, that is 100 years of MORA experience! A huge thank you to all the employees for making Valley High an amazing place to work and live! I am fortunate to be a part of such a phenomenal team!

-Jessica Strayer